It’s all about Culture Fit at FMC Technologies

We are seeking a commercial generalist for Houston based FMC Technologies.  This is a junior level Counsel position (3 to 8 yrs) that is suitable for someone coming straight from a law firm.  However, candidates who went straight to law school after college will have trouble qualifying.  Why?  FMC Technologies takes a truly unique view of qualifications, favoring individuals who have real world non-legal business or other work experience before making a decision to attend law school.  Our client feels, and correctly so, that such candidates bring the right level of maturity and corporate interpersonal skills to indicate likely success in an in-house law department environment.

The culture at FMC Technologies is different in other ways as well, placing a strong emphasis on innovation, process, and collaboration.  If you wish to learn more, please call us at 312-225-1144.

27 thoughts on “It’s all about Culture Fit at FMC Technologies

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