Congratulations David Kingman

Updated 9/15:  Another win-win success story.  Thank you, David Kingman.  Orbitz converted David from on-site adjunct counsel via our firm to direct hire Corporate Counsel in late August.

Updated 5/18:  Congratulations Dave Kingman (Northwestern JD, most recently in-house with Walgreens)!  Your pedigree and experience with a wide range of commercial agreements, including work with various technology platforms, is a perfect fit.

We have been exclusively engaged by Orbitz to provide a commercial contracts attorney via our Adjunct Counsel service (i.e. — you will be on our payroll), for an immediate full-time need serving the growing Private Label Group.  4+ years of commercial contracts experience; compensation is a competitive hourly rate via Evers Legal.  Position is at Orbitz HQ in downtown Chicago.  Duration of assignment:  Ongoing.  It is public information that Expedia is acquiring Orbitz pending Justice Department approval.  The position you would be filling may become direct hire permanent, but there is uncertainty longer term with respect to whether the position will remain as-is in Chicago.  If interested and for further details, please email your resume to

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