Our Counsel Q&A profiles… recommendations?

Our bi-monthly eNews features a Counsel Q&A profile – these have been very well received.  General Counsel and other senior level in-house participants have enjoyed the feedback from friends and colleagues.  The process is fun and painless, handled by expert journalist Cate Flahardy.  It is also a positive way to raise one’s online profile.  Thus far, I have extended invites to participate privately and individually.  We have a couple of openings left in 2016, and I would like to widen the proverbial net.  I welcome recommendations.  Please email mike@everslegal.com or call me at 312-225-1144 to recommend a colleague (or yourself) for a Counsel Q&A.  We do reserve the right to accept or decline recommendations.  Let me hear from you!  Best regards, Mike Evers

35 thoughts on “Our Counsel Q&A profiles… recommendations?

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