Congrats Greg Lacey

I am very pleased to relay a nice outcome that originated with our Adjunct Counsel service offering.  Greg Lacey was on assignment through our firm with client Adtalem (the leader in for-profit education services).  Greg is a former Partner with Dykema Gossett; he is a  stellar employment attorney and litigator.  Towards the end of Greg’s assignment, he interviewed for a direct hire position with Adtalem and was recently hired.  Congratulations Greg!

While we are always careful to never promise direct hire employment as a possible outcome when an attorney works on-site as one of our Adjunct Counsel… “conversions” to direct hire are indeed win-win outcomes for all involved when they occur.  That’s why we endeavor to provide permanent placement caliber attorneys for all of our Adjunct Counsel assignments.

Thank you, Greg.  Thank you, Adtalem.  Mike Evers

14 thoughts on “Congrats Greg Lacey

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