Expect more from your legal recruiting firm.

Executive Search firms provide thorough recruitment and valuable screening, but too often they are slow and inflexible. Contingency fee oriented Legal Search firms operate with an entrepreneurial sense of urgency, but they usually fizzle out if your search is difficult and move along to another job. Evers Legal combines the best attributes of both business models.

Recruiting in-house attorneys for corporate legal departments is our specialty.

Founded in 1997, Evers Legal is a boutique firm serving corporate legal departments exclusively, placing attorneys in positions at all levels from staff attorney to Chief Legal Officer.  Most executive search firms only handle General Counsel assignments, and in-house legal recruiting is just a fraction of their business.  Most legal search firms focus on shopping candidates to law firms, falling short when asked to invest time in a client driven in-house law department search.  Their recruiters think about meeting quotas, while we think about exceeding your expectations.

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Our client relationships stand the test of time.

Repeat business is the lifeblood of this firm, and we constantly seek value-add opportunities to benefit our clients.  We support high profile career development initiatives and recommend clients whenever possible for panel speaking engagements.  We often provide sophisticated benchmarking intelligence to clients at no charge.  And it’s not unusual for us to coach our clients’ college age kids on interviewing skills and job search techniques.