Our Relationship Network

Mike Evers and Meredith Haydon have been working together for almost 20 years, and clients tend to choose us when they want bespoke service and our judgment with respect to candidate assessment.

Then again, some companies really just want the sourcing aspect of our service and prefer to handle even the initial vetting of candidates. We welcome that, too.

Either way, please know that you are buying far more than just the two of us. In addition to our cutting edge use of technology, proprietary database, and robust use of LinkedIn, we have an amazing relationship network that took years to build. These are both paid and unpaid sources of referrals and recommendations, including current and former General Counsel, other independent recruiters, journalists and many more who add color to primary sourcing efforts and suggest the best talent for specific openings.

New for 2014: We are proud to welcome Cate Flahardy to the Evers Legal team in an affiliate capacity. After ten years with InsideCounsel, most recently as Editor-in-Chief, Cate is now working independently. Cate understands and appreciates corporate law department cultures and maintains a truly national relationship network that fits perfectly with our firm. She is taking charge of new eNewsletter and Blog content designed to add value for our clients and contacts. The initial highlight of this effort will be a monthly profile of you or one of your peers.