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Your relationship with legal search firms

In the world of law-firm placement, the “marketable” candidate is king or queen. Almost every law firm will gladly accept a good resume from any recruiter. This enables the law firm candidate to use a recruiter to do the legwork and selectively explore law firm options.

We want to know you.

Candidates contact Evers Legal based on our well-earned reputation for getting quality in-house law department assignments. We encourage such inquiries. We want to learn more about you.

When we begin a new search for a client, we start by reviewing resumes on hand. So sending a resume to us confidentially is the best way to make sure you are considered on a go-forward basis.

Our success is based on a different approach.

Unlike legal search firms, we take a completely client-focused approach to law department placement. We screen candidates and provide those who offer the best match for specific openings.

Most in-house search assignments are handled exclusively by one firm, so no one search firm can offer a complete window into the market. Therefore, when considering a move in-house, you cannot rely on us—or any other search firm—to explore all options for you. 

Here is what we do offer to candidates who wish to explore in-house opportunities:

  • We offer a candid and respectful analysis of your experience profile.
  • We will always return your calls and try to answer your questions.
  • We will never send your resume anywhere without first discussing an opening and receiving your permission to proceed.
  • If you become a candidate for one of our corporate clients, we will invest quality time to help you prepare for that opportunity.

Submit Your Resume

We’re eager to get to know you. Our clients rely on our connections with candidates like you. We hope you’ll send your resume to Evers Legal Search for confidential consideration.

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