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CultureFitIf you have had a good experience with our search firm and believe your law department might benefit from using us in the future, I have a request. Regardless if your company is currently hiring, please introduce me to your key internal contact in human resources.

It is increasingly rare for a general counsel to independently engage a search consultant to fill an important opening in his or her department. On the front end of a new opening, HR often leads on the discussion of whether to even use a search firm. And when the company does authorize the use of a search firm, it is very helpful if a vendor relationship already exists with a firm that you and HR both feel good about using.

Since 1997, we have built a solid reputation within the legal community for in-house placement work. But in the HR world, we are mainly off the radar among the internal recruiting professionals who do not fill legal roles frequently. We work well with HR, but our successes almost always start with a referral from a General Counsel to his or her HR colleagues. And the best time to initiate an introduction is in advance of a pressing, time sensitive need.

Please give your HR folks an opportunity to get comfortable with us and compare our firm to their other options. Here are a few ways to make this happen:

1. Email the name and contact information for your internal recruiter to [email protected] and give me permission to initiate contact.

2. Forward this column to your internal recruiter and encourage him or her to learn more about our firm.

3. Invite your internal recruiter to sign-up for this newsletter so that he or she can follow our work.

To show our gratitude, I offer a $5,000 credit on any new search if your HR colleague mentions this column. The first quarter of 2016 is around the corner. That is the most robust time of year for new hiring. So now is actually the right time to prepare for what you want your department to look like next year. Thank you for considering it.

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