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Mike pens a monthly career advice column in Corporate Counsel magazine.

Check out his most recent columns in Corporate Counsel (law.com) covering some law students heading down the road less taken, lawyers receiving and appreciating constructive criticism, and whether in-house counsel should get an MBA.

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September 2018

Law Department Talent Pipeline: Evolving?

This generation of law students is more keenly aware of practice options other than law firms, and some of the better students are reluctant to follow the traditional path even when it’s available to them.

August 2018

Find a Truth Teller

The most honest and helpful constructive criticism often comes from mentors, friends and outside resources (including recruiters!), people who only want success and happiness for you.

July 2018

Should an In-house Attorney Get an MBA?

This column addresses a very specific question, which I have been asked repeatedly over the years: Should an in-house attorney get an MBA?

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