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Mike pens a monthly career advice column in Corporate Counsel magazine.

Check out his most recent columns in Corporate Counsel (law.com) discussing the importance of saying “yes” to clients, landing the dream job as GC of Facebook, young law firm lawyers with sights on an in-house career and more.

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February 2019

Street Lawyering at Your Company—It’s Really Not a Bad Idea

Wills, divorces, consumer credit problems, landlord disputes and traffic violations all have two things in common. One, handling such matters is firmly outside your job description. Two, if you are in-house with a large company, your rank and file co-workers in the field are dealing with personal legal issues such as these all the time.

January 2019

In-House Counsel: Become a “Yes, And” Business Person in the New Year

Whatever word we use to describe what you do for a living, however, here is what nonlawyer clients tend to hear: NO. At many companies, the prevailing view of the law department is still a hybrid of traffic cop and bureaucrat.

December 2018

The Dream GC Job

In my view, joining Facebook now as its general counsel is the ultimate dream job for any experienced in-house attorney.

November 2018

Beware of Making Partner

My advice for early career law firm attorneys who envision themselves in a law department: Move at the mid to senior associate level.

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