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Recruiters talk about change quite a bit. When encouraging someone to move from Company A to Company B, we talk about the benefits of change, and we help candidates work through any hesitations related to making a move.

The ironic truth is that I struggle with change when it comes to my own career. Evers Legal Search remains, by choice, a boutique firm, which is marketing code for I handle most of our orders directly. There were two moments in my career when I entertained conversations about joining larger search firms that I respect: legal search firm Major, Lindsey & Africa (many years ago, before they became a subsidiary of Allegis Group), and executive search firm Spencer Stuart. The brief dance with Spencer Stuart took place three years ago. The appeal of Spencer Stuart was their well-earned reputation for getting Fortune 500 level General Counsel searches.

In both instances, I realized quickly that, for me, independence was too important to give up. But that choice leaves my firm with an ongoing battle: We need to be an effective “David” that gets high quality searches when pitching to potential new clients versus “Goliath.”

We are pleased to launch a revamped web site that I believe is an important sling shot for slaying Goliath, to stick with the metaphor. Our user experience and web designer for the project was Guarnery Communications, a firm not focused on legal industry related clients. I wanted an outsider to LawWorld who would force me out of my own way. I enjoy writing, and our previous website was very wordy.

The developer, Joe Guarnery, told me that his primary goal was to bring clarity to our site and to our messaging as a firm. Think of our old site as a long lawyerly brief. The new site is a clear, executive style memo. It is also visual and easy to navigate. I knew it was good when my non-lawyer friends checked it out and told me they finally understand what I do for a living! I welcome your thoughts on the new site. Email [email protected] with any comments you wish to share. And if you are a fan of our firm, please send the site link to your EVP of HR. We do one thing, and one thing only: help law departments. Please let your HR leadership team know that we are ready to help yours. Thank you.

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