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What is more important than your company’s intellectual property? For our clients who are in the business of inventing and making things, not much.

Since our last issue of eNews, Evers Legal has finalized two first chair IP placements: Michael Anderson as Associate General Counsel / Intellectual Property for Ubiquiti Inc. and Rich Wulff as Associate General Counsel / Intellectual Property for Knowles Corp.

I’m particularly proud of these placements, because candidly I have lost searches like these on occasion in the past during the pre-search pitch phase. Intellectual property is perceived by many as a specialty recruiting niche. Even the clients mentioned above needed reassurance that we could handle it. In each case, they retained us because we had placed other senior level attorneys within their law departments. Without that history and goodwill, perhaps they would have made a different choice.

First, I’m grateful to Ubiquiti and Knowles for trusting us to get it right. Thank you. Secondly, here is why Evers Legal is actually a much better choice versus a specialty IP recruiter: It’s in the title of this column. We think in terms of culture fit. Our corporate clients need their IP attorneys to communicate effectively at the C-Suite level, while simultaneously earning trust and technical credibility among the engineers. The people skills are even more important than the specialty training.

For any skeptical potential corporate client out there: Yes, I know the difference between an electrical engineering background and a mechanical engineering background! We will source all of the same candidates our competitors would source. Usually faster. But unlike our competitors in this space, we are not focused just on the resume bullet points. And we don’t make our living moving IP attorneys from Law Firm A to Law Firm B. We will assess leadership traits, communication skills and business acumen. Those are the factors that separate a solid “back office” IP attorney from the one you want offering strategic advice to you and your CEO.

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