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Normally in this section of our newsletter, our editor Cate Flahardy puts together a collection of my career advice columns from Corporate Counsel magazine. But I want to do something more tangible for this issue, and candidly I’ve struggled with what that should look like.

I debated the “How can I help you?” column title in my head for the better part of a day. See what free time will do! After all, for 99% of candidates who engage with a search firm, the answer is essentially: “You can present me to the corporate client that has retained Evers Legal to fill position xyz.”

I write about this dynamic at the candidate information section of our web site. We work for the paying corporate client. The way I view our business, you are the potential product, but only if you fit the experience and cultural specs of the client placing the order. That is how I objectively best serve our client companies.

And so I ask you to please help me understand how I might be able to help you in these strange times. Would you like a sounding board on challenges you are facing with your current employer? Would you benefit from practicing a virtual video interview if you are in active search mode? Would you like a second pair of eyes on your resume?

Hopefully you have the personal support you need. If you find yourself wanting someone with whom you can confide regarding your professional life, I’m here to listen. And help if I can. Thank you for reading eNews and be well.

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