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Mike pens a monthly career advice column in Corporate Counsel magazine.

Check out his most recent columns in Corporate Counsel (law.com) discussing best practices for  recruiting during a pandemic and offering rainmaking tips for in-house counsel, among other important topics.

If you have any topic ideas you would like to see addressed in a future column, please send ideas and suggestions to [email protected].  

October 2020

Diversity is Not Socially Distanced

Diversity in hiring is suffering from social distancing, Mike Evers writes. He encourages general counsel and human resources leaders to double down on their commitment to sourcing candidates thoroughly and creatively.

September 2020

The All Zoom Hire

It took six months into the pandemic for our firm to close on an “all Zoom hire.” Meaning: At no point did the new placement, now an assistant general counsel for a financial services company, walk into our client’s HQ facility or meet with her new boss.

June 2020

Rainmaking for In-House Lawyers: Tips on How to be Valuable to Your Company

It is tempting to sit tight and wait out the proverbial storm. Resist that temptation. Show your fire in the belly. Be heard and be valuable!

May 2020

Hire a Terrific In-House Lawyer Now

This month’s column is intended to serve as a reminder that hiring indeed continues, and some of the needs are pressing.

April 2020

Video Interview Tips Specifically for In-House Counsel

To be clear, we all absolutely HATE video interviewing. Outside recruiters like me, internal HR folks, and especially the actual hiring manager CEOs and GCs … none of us want this. And so a strong preference to wait for the traditional process has become an added reason, beyond macro conditions, to kick the hiring can down the road.

March 2020

Your Value in Times of Uncertainty

Your company likely already has a crisis plan ready if needed. But be the leader who goes the extra mile to do something lawyers do really well: issue spot.

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