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Mike pens a monthly career advice column in Corporate Counsel magazine.

Check out his most recent columns in Corporate Counsel (law.com) discussing lawyers moving between law firms and in-house positions, advice on finding a great senior counsel candidate, how relevant experience may trump shiny credentials and many other important topics around in-house counsel hiring.

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In-House To and From a Law Firm Has Become a Revolving Door

The unwritten rule was that later-in-career attorneys could not return to a law firm. Now, returning to law firm land is common.

2022 Tips for Hiring a Senior Counsel

The most common in-house opening by title is Senior Counsel, and, since most companies prefer to hire attorneys with in-house experience, you are all competing for the same talent. Here are my four best practices for meeting this hiring challenge.

A House for Every Dog

Hiring an attorney with relevant experience who really wants the job over an attorney with shinier credentials is not settling. It’s embracing the right match.

Turnover at the Top

Even if your current General Counsel has only been with the company for a few years and is not close to retirement age, don’t assume he or she is never leaving.

Looking For a New Job? Here Are Some Resume Best Practices

“What does my potential employer want?” If you keep this question in mind, your résumé will take on a tone of client service and flexibility.

‘Happy’ Law Firm Associates Disrupt In-House Hiring

Law departments are experiencing the tightest labor market in memory, and I have an observational theory on why.

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