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I am proud of our strong network of general counsel contacts. We have been featuring one of you in each quarterly issue of this newsletter since 2014.

Now I ask you to please help me so I can help you. Evers Legal Search faces an ongoing Goldilocks challenge. Your executive vice president of human resources views us as a “legal search firm” rather than an “executive search firm,” and therefore is reluctant to hire us for a general counsel search. The porridge is too cold. Your manager level HR talent acquisition professionals view us as a cost to be avoided when filling other law department roles. The porridge is too hot. Your HR colleagues don’t have a box into which we neatly fit.

Nonetheless and perhaps miraculously, the porridge has been “just right” more than 300 times, and we are fortunate to have placed many of you in assistant general counsel and senior counsel roles, usually with base salaries ranging from $200,000 to $300,000. Although we have the people network and expertise to recruit at the general counsel level (and have done so nine times thus far!), I accept where the market tends to place us and love working those “middle” of department orders.

This is where you come in as the “hiring manager” within the legal department. Please introduce me to the correct HR contact(s) at your company now, before a need arises. Give them an opportunity to understand Evers Legal Search as a potential resource, so that they might turn to us when an opening is outside of their expertise or if they hit a wall during a sourcing effort.

Often, the only way I can help you make a key hire for your department is if your HR team initiates that engagement. An email introduction from you is all it takes to establish a comfort level for them to do so. Win-win! Thank you!

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