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“How can we help your law department?” had been the tagline in the signature section of my email for years. Implied in that question is the recipient: general counsels. We have featured a general counsel in this newsletter quarterly since 2014. Most of our client contacts are general counsels who turn to Evers Legal when they are authorized to do so to fill a senior staff position or specialist role.

I just changed my email signature tag line to: “Finding leaders for law departments.” The implied recipient of this message also resides in the C-suite, but it could be an EVP of Human Resources or a CEO. The intention is to land more searches for leadership roles: general counsel, chief compliance officer, division general counsel, etc.

To be clear, we have handled No. 1 positions over the years: Case New Holland, SP+ (Standard Parking) and National Dentex, to name a few. And we have been retained to fill a number of deputy and assistant general counsel roles.

But this is an intentional mindset change for me that coincides with the biggest possible life change: I am about to become an insta-dad! I am engaged — to a smarty pants lawyer for humor value — and I am taking on role model duties for two amazing girls. Check us out in the photo.

Being a good role model includes working hard and taking some risk. So that’s what I’m about to do. Look out, Spencer Stuart and Korn Ferry. I am going to bang on C-suite doors with the intention of landing more of those coveted law department leadership searches. It’s where I want to be; and I know it’s where the readers of this newsletter want me to be. If you are a fan of our firm, please spread the word within your C-suite. We absolutely still want your call to fill those senior staff positions. But our contact network and expertise is too rich to let the big executive search firms have all the fun at the top.

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