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Mike pens a monthly career advice column in Corporate Counsel magazine.

Check out his most recent columns in Corporate Counsel (law.com). He discusses what really matters when it comes to titles. He gets touchy-feely pontificating about the value of time. And he offers guidance on hiring candidates who have had a lot of jobs, as well as tips for updating your LinkedIn profile.

If you have any topic ideas you would like to see addressed in a future column, please send ideas and suggestions to [email protected].  

Let’s Talk About Titles: Tips From a Legal Recruiter
Smart in-house counsel knows that whatever lawyer title he or she gets, what really matters in corporate America is the grade level title. This is especially true at publicly traded companies.

The Gift of Free Time
This will go down as one of those touchy-feely columns. No advice here that will help you land a promotion. But this will prove to be a worthwhile read if I can convince you to turn off the all-consuming phone for real chunks of time this summer.

Hiring a “Job Hopper”
In this article, I share my guidance for legal departments considering candidates with a lot of movement.

Top 5 Updated LinkedIn Tips From a Legal Recruiter
As to why LinkedIn matters, use of LinkedIn by recruiters for primary sourcing is a given. And if you are actively interviewing for a position, expect that every interviewer will check out your LinkedIn profile. But don’t just think of LinkedIn as job change related. It’s a vehicle for creating your personal brand and maintaining an online professional presence.

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