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Titles, reporting structures, alignment with business units, headcount and, of course, compensation. Those are just some of the topics addressed by a legion of legal consultants. Some are excellent, and some are a waste of time and money.

For me, benchmarking is a value add. After more than 20 years of recruiting for major corporate law departments, I have significant value to add. Let me be your confidential sounding board — at no charge.

I can offer feedback in light of what I see other law departments doing, and based on what appears to be working well. By working well, I mean high job satisfaction and retention rates from top to bottom. Not coincidentally, that usually aligns with how well your law department is perceived internally and among the rest of your C-suite.

For what it’s worth, I also read best practices articles daily in publications like Corporate Counsel and Law360, as well as keep up with business journals and other nonlawyer perspectives. I know what the consultants are recommending and why. And what’s in it for me? Relationship building. Recruiting assignments are episodic and years can pass in-between assignments. I want to be on your radar screen now and when you are able to use Evers Legal Search. Placement fees are hefty, and I make plenty on our core business. I have no desire to expand into consulting. But I do have that skill and knowledge. I invite you to please tap into it!

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