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We work for in-house corporate law departments — exclusively.

Recruiting Services

Evers Legal has completed searches at the General Counsel, Deputy General Counsel and Assistant General Counsel levels, and we have also helped GCs build their teams.

Insourcing Services

Evers Legal also offers a flexible insourcing solution, providing companies with experienced in-house counsel on our payroll. Adjunct counsel work on-site or off-site.

What sets us apart from the competition?

Sourcing:  All recruiters start at roughly the same place. The points of separation are hard work and credibility. Our motto is “Leave No Call Unmade.” Yes, good recruiters still make phone calls and don’t just send emails. Our thorough relationship networking, in addition to executive search caliber sourcing research, yields unparalleled results.

Enthusiasm:  All of the good search firms are client responsive. But who do you want to make that critical first impression to candidates on behalf of your company?  We are passionate about in-house practice and truly enjoy learning about the unique products and services offered by our corporate clients.  Our knowledge of your business and your law department translates into effective recruiting calls that are genuine and enthusiastic.

Judgment:  This is where we always win.  We are expert at the art of recruiting, especially assessing culture fit and managing expectations.  Talk with us and ask us how.  Or, skim through our testimonials page.