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EversInviteTime flies. We are already into Q2 and now our fourth issue of eNews. Thus far, I have focused on single issue columns such as best practices for hiring and insourcing.  This month I extend a special invitation to you, and touch base quickly on a few topics that I hope will interest you.

As a panel moderator at this year’s InsideCounsel “SuperConference,” I get a few guest passes to offer for in-house attorneys. If you are not already registered and wish to attend, please shoot me a note accordingly.

I am thrilled to be moderating the May 14 panel, “Beyond Diversity: Creating Corporate Culture.” The panelists are Maria Green with Illinois Tool Works, David Rawlinson with Grainger and Martin Montes with Exelon.  Please read my InsideCounsel column previewing that discussion.

Broadening to corporate leadership generally, I now shamelessly plug my friend Roger Crockett, a thought leader on business and diversity. A former Business Week bureau chief and contributor to the Harvard Business Review, Roger has been interviewing Fortune 100 CEOs for an upcoming book on leadership, and he counsels companies regularly on the topic. Roger will be a guest of mine in the audience on May 14, so you will have an opportunity to meet him there.

Following Roger’s blog may be more than just interesting. He counsels major companies on culture issues. Sometimes law departments have to deal with threats of litigation and troubleshoot when employee morale is low or individuals feel mistreated. That’s reactive. With Roger’s counsel, you can help your company take a proactive approach and create a culture of inclusion.  Frankly, he should probably be moderating the panel. But I’m selfish and wanted to do it!

With Q1 now in the books, I am pleased to report a 100 percent success rate on our 2014 searches to date. Our most recent placement announcement is with our friends at FMC Technologies in Houston. I first met the company’s General Counsel Jeff Carr at SuperConference several years back. So you see, networking at conferences really does work—and not just for extroverted service providers like me. Meeting your peers and getting away from daily routine for a day or two tends to pay unexpected dividends down the road.

Lastly, please be sure to read the Counsel Q&A, which really is the highlight of every monthly Evers eNews. If you have read the first few, you will sense a pattern. Thus far, we have been featuring individuals who are particularly important in the history of our firm, and no one exemplifies that point more than Curt Kramer. As Curt points out, he was actually the client’s second choice back in 2001. Perhaps that has been an added source of motivation, but clearly Curt proved to be the right choice for Navistar. Starting from a fairly junior level position, Curt has succeeded consistently, received several promotions, and is now the company’s corporate secretary. He’s too humble to say this, but there is no doubt in my mind that Curt will be a general counsel. In fact, that will be the next logical promotion if and when the opportunity arises with his current employer.

Thanks as always for reading eNews. And if you might want us to tell your story, we’d love to hear it.

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